From Gems to Gifs, Iranian History in 4 Brilliant Acts

I have since long wondered what the next evolution in Iranian aesthetics and art would be.

From this:

Nasir al Mulk Moque – Shiraz – 1888


To this:

Monir Farmanfarmaian – 1973 Mirror and reverse glass painting


To this:

Samira Alikhanzadeh 2010 – Mirror on board


And now, this:





Of course (!): take those wonderful shapes and forms, and give them life, make them dance, let them come alive. I salute you Negar Emdadian you have thrown us into the next chapter.

Art history is a wonderful thing. A story telling of our times with its own enchanting vocabulary. Iran’s history told in 4 brilliant acts.

Thanks to The Tehran Times for bringing Negar to my attention.


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